Networking For Investment Properties in Hawkinsville, Warner Robins, Perry

Networking For investment properties does NOT mean sitting behind a computer and punching keys all day.

All my best deals were from networking for properties with my FEET. We get out and meet the locals as much as possible. We network with business owners, Postal service people, utility personnel, and even door knocking…OOOO, scary door knocking. Start meeting people you would normally pass by.

TRY THIS, get up, go to the car and drive to the closest convenience store. AS soon as you get out of the car, stop each person that walks by and ask them if they live around there and if they know where the good neighborhoods are. This will get you out of the house/office and it will help in finding good investing areas. The main point of course is to network with people, find people who can help you reach your goals. I have found many landlords, business owners, and flippers by networking the streets, foreclosure sales, court house and my paycheck job. I have even found some of them willing to fund a deal once we got to know each other.  

There is always time to network with the dentist, doctor, and the lady at the register or even at church.

Networking for investment properties will turn up interesting people. Everyone has something to contribute. People may know where a house is, their cousin is an investor, they themselves use to invest, they know some one tired of the stock market looking to invest their money somewhere. There are people all over that have some money they want to invest but don’t know where. All the investors with unlimited funds have one thing in common; they build relationships with the money folks. I have two new relationships blooming right now. Anyone educated enough to lend money is also a good source of information. Listen to the war stories and you will gain knowledge and a friend. AND as an added bonus, they will be more likely to say “yes” on the next deal you bring them to fund.

If you become their borrower, that gives you free access to their experience at any time. A few more ideas on the video below. GO FORTH.


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