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Why buy a house in Warner Robins Georgia

Warner Robins History

In 1942, Wellston farming community was renamed and founded for General Augustine Warner Robins and the creation of the Army Air Corp Base that is now Robins AFB.

While many towns start as a hub of businesses and grow from the middle out, Warner Robins started as a support community for Robins AFB and grow businesses later. This is why we do not have a “Downtown”. MOst businesses you see now only saw the value of Warner Robins central location in the late 80’s and early 90’s, after Atlanta became too crowded for even the most dedicated “City boy”.

In the early 1990’s, Warner Robins Air Force Base acquired enough of the required scheduled maintenance for the Air Force fleet. The city of Warner Robins quickly became the fastest growing city in the US. Dubbed “Little Atlanta”, houses were being built all around Warner Robins. So much so that Bonaire and Kathleen Georgia were soon put on the map as they took on the overflow of real estate.

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Warner Robins Businesses

Warner Robins is now large enough to stand on it’s own commerce. Multiple large businesses are now supporting Warner Robins .

  • Northrup Grumman
  • Houston Healthcare
  • Silvervine Software
  • Navcom Electronics
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Aerospace

Even our own office at Keller Williams has grown by record numbers since opening our doors in Warner Robins in 2015.

Attractions in Warner Robins

Warner Robins has collected a long list of things to do in recent years.

  • Museum of Aviation
  • Lane packing
  • Rigby’s
  • Warner Robins Convention center
  • Tap and Pour
  • Warner Robins Little Theatre
  • Landing Golf Club
  • Southern Hills Golf
  • Lush Art of Warner Robins
  • Splinter’s Axe House
  • International Farmer’s Market
  • Georgia Artisan Center

BUT, You came for the houses in Warner Robins

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Lower range priced houses

Warner Robins has a wide variety of houses to choose from. Houses that were built in the 60’s, all the way to new construction houses currently being built.

Many of the lower priced houses will be found north of Russell Parkway. Shirley Hills, Miller hills, Walker Park and United Estates are a few examples of lower priced mostly brick houses in the centrally located areas of Warner Robins. Warner Robins lower priced house start around $70,000- $80,000.

Medium Range houses are all over Warner Robins

Medium range houses in Warner Robins are as far north as Northlake Subdivision and as far south as South Oaks Subdivision, north of Feagin Mill Rd. Other subdivisions holding this size house include; Beaver Glen, Tucker Place, Westwood Extension, Most of Quail Run, Willow Ridge and Crestview Plantation,

The median priced houses in the Warner Robins area are currently around $217,000. This is the high side of medium range houses available. A medium priced houses range up to around $250,000.

mId priced house in Warner Robins

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Higher end house of Warner Robins

Many of the higher priced houses in Warner Robins are either smaller with some land or larger houses on small lots. Many high end houses on small lots have been built in the last 15 years. Smaller houses on larger lots are in older, more established neighborhoods. The biggest houses in Warner Robins can be yours for less than $700,000.

Some of these areas in Warner Robins include; Some parts of Quail Run, Mill Pond, Wood Bridge, The Tiffany, The Brantley, Rose Hill Plantation and Windsor Forest.

There are also two private airport housing communities for the pilots.

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Houston County Georgia has more cities to choose from than just Warner Robins

Warner Robins is a small part of this charming corner of the world. Other cities to research in Houston county include;

Bonaire, Kathleen and Perry.

Make sure to check out information about the surrounding real estate in these areas as well.

The Middle Georgia area also include cities like;

Macon, Fort Valley and Hawkinsville

which have a historical charm all their own.