Easy Ways to Start Real Estate Investing in Hawkinsville, Warner Robins, Perry.

Easy ways to start real estate investing

Many people are ready to feel the power of being rich from real estate investing

All over, real estate investing is the big thing everyone talks about doing. Investing in commercial property, investing in single family homes, investing in land and timeshares. The truth is, real estate investing is a business, like we have here at Property Conveyors, that requires time and effort, just like any other business. As my friend Mike Cantu tells his students, It only takes Five years to get rich in real estate, it just won’t be the first five years. If you want to learn real estate investing, you can try a couple of these tricks and see if real estate investing is for youcash buyers

Wholesaling is the favorite way to invest in real estate for many people.

Most seasoned investors make this strategy their bread and butter between other deals, even though it’s not really investing at all. Wholesaling is simply networking, marketing, advertising and find somebody that is ready to get rid of a house that is a problem to them. Make an offer and get the house under contract at a discounted price. Once the house is under contract, take the contract and sll it to another investor or homeowner that ia interested in the property. DO NOT TRY TO ADVERTISE THE HOUSE FOR SALE. YOU HAVE A CONTRACT, NOT A HOUSE. Advertising a “House for sale” that you don’t own can get you in trouble.

Another way to start real estate investing is options.

Real estate investing many times having control of an asset that is growing in value. Giving a seller a little money now for the right to buy the property later give the buyer explicit control of who can buy the house. The buyer does not have to buy (It’s an option), but the seller has to sell if the buyer exercises the option. This piece of paper can also be sold for a profit to another buyer. They buy the option from you and then exercise the right to buy the house later.

The best way to learn real estate investing is find a local investing group like our Middle Georgia Real Estate Investors Group and meet seasoned investors and offer to find houses, swing a hammer, help paint a house or anything that will get you in front of them to learn how they are successful at real estate investing.


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