5 Winter Landscaping Tips to Sell your House Faster in Kathleen

Winter in Kathleen Georgia is confusing. One day Kathleen may be sunny and 70 degrees ( 2 weeks before Christmas), the next day it is too cold to walk outside. If you need to sell your house in the winter, the house still needs to present well. Try these tips to add some curb appeal. When you are ready to sell your house, call your agent, the Real Estate Problem Solver.

Light up your house for sale

Track lights along the sidewalk and spot lights shining at certain areas of the house will add a feel of majesty to your house at night. A few spot lights in the flower bed, shining on your Kathleen house can do the trick. Many of these lights are low maintenance, solar powered lights that don’t require much attention.

Light up your Kathleen Ga house for sale

Keep Some Things Hidden

curb appeal for your Kathleen house for sale

Your Kathleen house has certain items that are used almost every day, but they don’t look good to a buyer. Power boxes, water faucets, hose reels and even the Air conditioning units on some houses are located in areas that don’t look good.

Evergreens shrubs like junipers and holly bushes are some forgotten plants that hide these items well. Many people don’t think about evergreens in their landscape because they do not have color. When Winter landscaping, these are the only choice left with foliage to choose from.

Add Some Edges

Adding borders and edges are a year-round must for any house. They are not natural, but most Kathleen house buyers like clean lines in their landscaping. It makes the landscape look more professional.

Concrete pads, stones and even wood timbers make good bordering materials. Just trimming the edges of your walks and driveway will make the house more attractive. Trimming in the fall will also last longer since winter is coming.

Real estate problem solver agent

Mulch Alternatives

Kathleen real estate agent landscaping ideas

Winter landscaping tips would not be complete without racking leaves and mulching the landscape plants. The best part is to use the leaves as your mulch and save that money. This will keep the yard clean and the flower beds weed free. It also helps protect the shrubs from frost bite. You can also use grass clippings. This will add nitrogen to the mulch.

If you don’t mind spending some money, garden centers supply colored wood chips and stone that give a more professional look. This can also change the look of the whole yard.

Make a Path

The path to the house you are selling is very important. Whether you use stones, gravel, or bricks, adding a path will create interest and offer functionality. You can make your own stepping stones to add even more customization to the area. Pavers and brick are relatively inexpensive and durable ways to create a path that will stand the test of time. By creating a path, you’ll add interest and be able to connect two areas, such as a path from the shed to the garden.

sell your kathleen house in winter

BONUS TIP: Sell your winter house with a green yard

Homeowners will love a pretty green yard in November and December. That is achievable in Kathleen, if you sell before January. Annual rye grass will grow and stay green all thru winter and help your landscaping look great. Once spring comes along, your main yard will be turning green as the rye grass dies off.

Also, trimming shrubs and hedges around the house will give it a clean maintained look. Paying a landscaper to do a winter cut may be worth the investment to get your house sold in the winter months.

If your ready to get your house sold, contact your Real Estate Problem Solving Agent. We have creative solutions to solve almost any real estate problem.

Good Luck

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